Top 5 Things You Should Be Doing To Survive The Unemployment Trauma

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Being a fresh graduate with no experience can be a daunting task especially when you did not study any of the professional courses. Have you applied to various organizations with no positive feedback from them? Rather than staying idle at home playing computer games or visiting friends, you can actually make yourself to get invited for an interview. In today’s corporate world, competition is too fierce and recruiters are more and more overworked.

Even qualified applicants are not getting callbacks from the interviewers. To become more employable in such fierce competition, stop applying to all jobs you see and allocate time each week to becoming more hirable. Below is how to…

1. Volunteer:

 Not only does volunteering renew your mind everyday and save you from depressive mood, it keeps you fine-tuned both mentally and otherwise to build confidence. With this you gather experience and become a better team player. Employers love volunteers. Having ” a good team player”  in your CV is  not enough but demonstrating it through volunteering automatically put you ahead of the other person. Volunteering increases your chances of being hired if you are strategic about it.

2. Learn Some Skills

Not only does this improve your mental turgidity but it places you in the recruiters/employers good book.When the big question What have you been doing for the past six months” pops up, no employer wants to hear you have been searching for a job all along but immediately you tell them you have been learning some skills, your chances of being hired automatically increase. To them, you are focused and rsult-oriented. While your job search last, make every second count.

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3. Network

Networking has two parts: reconnecting with your old contacts and forming new ones. Get in touch with old friends who you know are in a better position to help out. Not only this, get to social gatherings and events, mix up and socialize. After-all, networking is all about socializing. Networking will basically do one thing for you: You will establish a rapport with someone who will recommend you for a position and/or tell you about unpublished openings.

4. Remain Positive

Positive mental attitude especially is important when you are combating the stress  of job seeking. Nothing else can stop your personal progress faster than a negative action. Retaining a positive attitude and a constructive outlook works like magic.

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5. Stay Informed

Unemployment trauma can lead to a downward spiral but that is not enough reason not to stay informed. Staying informed embodies doing all of the above and to do this effectively, you need number 4 most. This alone will make you understand that your unemployment is just for a while.

A Final Thought

Being unemployed either as a fresh graduate or as a laid off worker can be spirit-sapping and so many of us have been there one way or the other. Rather than lose hope, you got to have a positive mindset. But then i will ask, what were you doing during this period that kept you going. You might want to share with us .


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