Dry Cleaning Business: A Multi-Million Naira Business Venture You Need to Start Now


The laundry service in Nigeria is growing at an amazing rate and has become another easy means of making fast money in the country. As a neophyte, this business can be run from home if you can’t afford to rent a shop. There are recognized individuals and corporate bodies who have recorded success doing this business, you too can succeed in it as well.

Laundry involves the use of soap, detergent, and water to clean clothes. Cleanliness they say is next to godliness. Everybody wants to wear clean and neatly pressed clothes, but nobody loves to do the washing and ironing. Busy and demanding lifestyles is making more people willing to pay laundry owners to take care of their dirty materials.

For the fact that you provide the convenience needed by customers at a reasonable price, you are sure to be patronized. The profit potential in this industry is excitingly amazing on its own. You can earn profit as high as N500, 000 or more monthly if you invest in this business. Much more can be earned if you include pick-ups and deliveries to and from your customers’ homes. If you decide to invest in this business, you just made a wise choice! Interestingly, starting the business is not as capital challenging as some other service providing investments. But just before you run off to startup your own laundry business, here are the possible list of clothes customer can bring and your charges.

Complete suit   N1,000.

Shirt N400.

Traditional Attire for women N700.
Traditional Attire for men  N1000.
Wedding gown N3,000.
A piece of curtain   N400.
Bedspread  N400.
Some customers can even include their underwear, in this case you can decide  what to charge. The charges above could be higher than this it all depends on your customers’ location and yours too. Pickups and delivery attract extra charges

Reasons Laundry Services is a Viable Business  In Nigeria

  1. More Nigerians live in the high profile area because it is closer to their work place.

This is the main reason for the rising demand for convenience services like laundry. Most career women wake up as early as 4 a.m. and live their homes for work at 5 a.m. in order to beat traffic on their way to work. Many would not return home until late at night around 9 p.m. Even if they are self-employed, they are often too tired and can’t find time to do their own laundry. Their weekends are cherished for maximum rest and relaxation so they can’t sacrifice their weekends for their laundry.

  1. There are fewer housewives in the high profile area.

Most households in the high profile area are now more likely to have two working spouses. Unlike in the past when most women were considered full-time housewives, many women now work at jobs or run a small business to support the home and share in the economic burden of their partners. Even the housewives who still exist now are now more likely to pay other people to do the household laundry for their children and husbands. As a result, there is now a fast growing need to pay for their laundry chores.

iii. Special laundry needs

Another reason for the rising demand for these services is the high percentage of white collar workers in town now. They are likely to wear formal business clothes like suits and jackets which needs special laundry skills. Uniformed workers like the naval officers, military men, police men and so on needs to always wear neatly washed, starched and ironed uniforms every time.

The most interesting thing about the laundry service business is that everyone, including the rich and not-so-rich people in high profile areas are willing to pay to enjoy the convenience of having someone else do their laundry.


Steps Needed to Start a Laundry Service Business
Just as it is obtainable in any type of business, you need to be well trained. to render laundry services, you need to go for at least 3 days training. You will be enlightened on:

  • How to wash different fabrics
  • How to iron different fabrics
  • How to fold and package clothes neatly
  • How you can manage your time
  • How you can keep records so you do not mix up customers’ clothes

Create a business name
Choose something creative. A simple, short and one that can be easily pronounced will suffice. Note, if your name is easy to remember, it will be easier to establish, maintain, and grow you client base

Register Your Business name

It is advised that you register your business name with Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC), this will help you to explore into the corporate world. This will cost you N20,000.
Start-up Capital
You intend to start a laundry pickup and delivery business only, your single largest capital investment will be in a durable delivery van. Clean and pressed clothes will need to be hung on racks in the vehicle during delivery to prevent them from becoming soiled or wrinkled. Since your entire business will depend on your vehicle, it’s important to ensure that it is well maintained and in good condition at all times. It will also be essential to have a plan for dealing with breakdowns and mechanical problems.

The necessary tools to start with are,

  1. Basic washing tools and equipment like

Washing machine cost N33,000

Hangers like 4 dozens cost N2,000

Tags cost N2,000

2 Pressing iron cost N4,000

Ironing tables N2,000

Nylon for packaging N1,000

A dozen of Basin N5,000

Spray starch  N1,500

  1. A Generator set of about 20 k.va N40,000.

iii. Employ few workers.

  1. You need a van to deliver and pick up customers cloth .

Your Business Location

A laundry service business may not flourish if it is established in a low profile area. People would prefer to do their laundry themselves, if they calculate how much it cost for someone else to do their laundry they will remember it can make a pot of soup for the month, so it is advised you establish your business in a high profile area.

Customer Service

If you treat and serve your customers well, they are most likely to continue using your services and will recommend you to neighbors, friends, colleagues and family. It is essential that you pick up and return their clothes on time and ensure that the clothes are impressively clean. You could also provide your own garment bags for customers to use. These garment bags can have your business name, phone number, and website address printed on it. This can serve as a good marketing tool for your business.

Please inform your customers that you don’t guarantee 100 percent result as some clothes would be brought with heavy stains, in order to avoid disputes between you and your customer state this clear to your customers.

Run A Give-away Service

This service is to promote your business, it could be in a form of wash 3 clothes and don’t pay for one, or print your name on a t.shirt and give to your customers, it could even be like this return a dozen of hanger and wash a shirt free. All of these and more will attract more customers to you.


Due to the frequent power failure in this part of the world, most businesses have to own petrol/diesel-powered generators to provide the electricity needed to run washing machines and  pressing irons.

Another major cost of the laundry business is staff costs. Unless you’re using machines (which means you’ll have fewer staff), manual hand-washing will often require that you pay your employees salaries/wages. We strongly advise that you pay some staff (especially those who do the actual laundry) based on the quantity of the clothes they wash or press. That way, the more work they do, the more they earn. But make sure you have a way of checking that they’re doing a quality job and not just going through the motions. The washing machine and pressing iron are major equipment. Make sure they’re properly maintained and serviced to avoid any unplanned breakdowns that may cost you a lot and disrupt your business. All of these tips will guide you in starting your own laundry service small and succeed into a bigger one.

We would love to hear your success story, or questions that would help you in making this business successful, feel free to leave a comment.



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